Squarespace's Latest Features

Squarespace never stops surprising us with it's continuous evolving. They are constantly bringing out new templates and features that once seen we can't apprehend how we ever lived without them. Two great examples of this is their new October features...



When you're sat on the bus, does an idea suddenly pop into your head? Do you whip out your leather back notepad and scribble it down? Filled with excitement that you may have just discovered your ticket to success! But then the ink get's smudged and your handwriting is all over the place because the bus driver has his foot pressed down too firmly on the accelerator. Well, those moments shall be no more with Squarespace's new mobile app! Meet Squarespace Start. Watch the 18 second video that explains it all here.

Squarespace Start | Squarestudio  Plugins & Development

This handy app means that with (may I say) your brilliant idea you can get going straightaway and create a one-page domain for FREE! All on the go. Once you have perfected your idea you can create the real thing and get your ball of success rolling. 

So take that idea of yours by the horns, download Squarespace Start and be in control of your career all before your reach your stop. 

Available from the Apple Store and Google Play Store now.  


This new feature is taking all food and beverage establishments by storm. By installing this to on your restaurant's website you can now have an simple Order Online form. Step aside Just Eat and Deliveroo - it's time for restaurants to take the delivery option into their own hands.

This feature simply means that after customers have checked out your fabulous website. They can click ORDER NOW and a ChowNow side bar will slide across and provide them with the function to order from you straight to their home. Also providing the exact time it will take and giving you opinion of paying with Apple Pay...fancy. 

Allow your customers to start ordering online here.

Squarespace Chownow | Apple Pay | SquareStudio Plugins & Development