Squarespace at Offset Sheffield

It's not often we get the opportunity in the UK to come into contact with Squarespace to gain valuable insights into both the company and the creative individuals using the platform. Last week our team got the opportunity to do just that at Offset Sheffield, with Squarespace hosting the second stage.

Squarespace Circle | Offset Sheffield | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

The event schedule was packed with interesting talks, all within an intimate space that encouraged interaction between the captivated audience and the passionate speakers. The day kicked off with Pip Jamieson talking about The Dots - a social media platform she founded specifically for the creative industry. We felt inspired to create our own account and start building a presence. 

A particular highlight of the day was a question and answer session about the Squarespace Circle hosted by two company representatives - Jessica Kausen and Jeremy Schwartz (speaking remotely from New York via video-link). It was great to see their vision for The Circle, which is clearly going to evolve over the coming years. We look forward to being at the forefront of this community as it continues to grow, both domestically and internationally. 

SQUARESPACE OFFSET SHEFFIELD | David Lynch John Malkovich 'Psychogenic Fugue' | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

This was followed by an exclusive screening of 'Psychogenic Fugue' - the full length Director's Cut film from Squarespace's collborative project with cult figures David Lynch and John Malkovich. The film is 20 minutes of eery brilliance which showcases the versatility of the actors as well as the abstract creativity of the production itself. See the trailer for the film below:

We would like to thank Offset and Squarespace for organising the event and inspiring us to keep pushing the creative boundaries to achieve greatness.