Square Studio Awards

We're excited to introduce Awards - the only place to see the best Squarespace sites in the world and vote for your favorites. Awards gives people the opportunity to browse websites exclusive to Squarespace and allows designers to get an insight into what other experts are up to.

We are currently listing a varied selection of powerful websites divided into five key categories; Portfolio, Business, Commerce, Personal and Arts. You can easily flick through them and pick your favorites. Votes are limited to one per site, but you can vote for as many different nominees as you like.

Now it doesn't just end there; you can also submit your own websites into Awards. Simply click on the 'Add a site' button and fill out the quick online form. Each month the sites will be refreshed and replaced with a new list of nominees. 

So Squarespace lovers, get on there and check out all the wonderful things you can do.