Squarespace Specialist: Kent Packman

Back in 2013 MAGiK ARtS was founded on an ambition of developing high-end work for our clients, and ever since then we have primarily worked off the standard templates, with some clever use of the style editor and the fact that the basic templates can look exceptional to most.

However with the start of 2016, we found ourselves with a lot more time to focus on where we could push Squarespace and started to explore the more code centric approach. Instead of working off a template, we started to look at how far we could push Squarespace as a platform.

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From there the search for a strong, professional and reliable coding company who knew Squarespace was required to help build our website services, hence the creation of our new website began. We made a start with some custom navigations, the first being Vanity Hall.

Square Studio worked hard on the project and provided a brilliant service that was both on time and robust on several browser platforms. From there we wanted to push the boundaries even further coming up with harder technical challenges and developing the skills and communication between ourselves. the ultimate ambition, to understand what ’s possible and to start growing the business to finally take on larger projects and provide a full end to end service.

Squarespace Circle | Magik Arts Guest Blog | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

Squarespace and SquareStudio are two fundamental pillars in this approach. Since working with SquareStudio we have built much more elaborate projects and have several more in the pipeline. We are looking forward to next year when our portfolio will finally be complete and we can start to push the boundaries even further to build on a successful 2016.

Written by Kent Packman.