My name is Josh Cohen, and I’m a freelance web designer and creator at Square Specialist, LLC. Since dedicating my time to designing websites on Squarespace, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals of all sizes. Among the list are major companies such as, Dell, CD Baby, and Lloyd and Co., a creative agency with clients such as Adidas, Justin Timberlake, Gucci, Estee Lauder, and more.


One of the questions I receive most often is, “Why Squarespace?” Simply put, Squarespace has everything I love as a designer, and everything my clients need in regards to a content management system (CMS). Originally, I started to build websites on a variety of platforms, however, I consistently found limitations that hindered my workflow. Squarespace has not only solved and improved upon these issues, but has allowed me to grow as a designer over time.

When working on new projects, my first goal is to establish a relationship with the client, and truly understand their vision for the website. On most projects, I have significant influence on the overall design, however, some clients, for example, Lloyd & Co., simply utilize my skillset to adapt an already existing wireframe concept to Squarespace. Regardless of their expertise, I pride myself in being a web designer that can communicate the process in a simple and seamless manner. Whether the website is a small landing page, or a complex build with third party integration, I make sure my clients are aware of the steps involved from brainstorm to completion.

From a visual perspective, I design and build websites with a clean, modern aesthetic. One of the key values that I provide to a project is my ability to ensure the visuals and content work together in harmony to communicate a message. During the design stage, I work with my clients to achieve a desired balance based on their preferences, brand guidelines, and audience. What makes the process exciting is being able to adapt to the individual needs of the project. As with anything creatively driven, web design is made up of a significant amount of facets that when done well, all add up to a polished end result. If my clients and I are equally as enthusiastic during the build, I know we are creating something that will ultimately connect with the user.

My experience with Tom Ahern, Tom Bull, and the rest of the SquareStudio (formerly Square Plugins) team has been lovely. On projects that require extra plugin functionality to be developed, Tom makes the process efficient and allows me to communicate the requirements with ease. Seeing as I often design websites with a great deal of CSS, it is important that the code is built to interact with Squarespace’s already existing framework. When working with Tom and his team, I have confidence that not only will the plugin be high quality; but also that it will work with what has already been coded and designed. If you have a custom plugin need in which they can help out with, I certainly recommend them.

In the future, I look forward to creating beautiful websites for more brands, businesses, and individuals! Should you have a project in which you’re interested in discussing, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay Inspired!

Josh Cohen

Square Specialist