3 things we learnt from the Circle Q&A with Anthony Casalena

Did you hear there was a Circle Q&A with Anthony Casalena? Many interesting questions were asked and it has been all recorded on the Circle Forum, we have picked three of our favourite questions and highlight what we have learnt for the future of the platform. 

Anthony Casalena founded Squarespace in 2003 and is the CEO of the company. He came up with the initial idea when studying at the University of Maryland after receiving a $30,000 investment from his father. He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer queries from a number of dedicated Squarespace users. 

                      Anthony Casalena

                      Anthony Casalena


Sam Sethi asked a question about code: I have built over 20 sites for clients in the last 9 months. Each time I use the discount code 'Twig' to help my clients get a reduction but it would be good for Circle Members to have their own code and benefit from the multiple website accounts we create. Will you be bringing back the affiliate codes for circle members/developers?

Anthony answered: We’re considering a number of ways to re-enable this. We discontinued the old V5 affiliate program as it wasn’t implemented well. It was based on referral links and cookies, which was really lossy when it came to properly registering when sites should be credited (links didn’t get used, cookies lost/cleared, etc.). We need to come up with something better.

What we have learnt from this?

We learnt that Squarespace would like to bring back affiliate discount codes for their professional users. This reinforces the companies' desire to continue to evolve and improve their systems. 

Sarah Moon asked a question about Squarespace experts: Where do you see "power users'" aka Squarespace professionals' place and voice in the Squarespace ecosystem? I'm thinking experts who are on the Specialists list etc who are intimately familiar with not only the platform but real-world uses and problems encountered by our clients and ourselves.

Anthony answered: Many of our most insightful suggestions come from professionals who use our platform day in and day out for their clients. Through the programs available in Circle, we want to stay close to the needs of this community and continue evolving as a platform capable of supporting your needs. We’re also going to look into how to help get more work for professionals, as many visiting Squarespace don’t want a DIY tool and would be better served by a professional on our platform. We’re at the early stages of figuring out how to make that flow work for us and you.

What we learnt from this? 

We learnt that Squarespace are looking to develop their relationship with members of The circle and that the circle platform means a great deal to them and in 2017 they will be investing a lot of time in providing extra service to those professionals.  

Squarespace Circle | Anthony Casalena | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

Our final favourite question comes from Paul Phillips, he asks a question about the overall platform: Anthony, Are you focusing on incrementally improving the current platform ( Squarespace 7) or will there be a change required to the core system in Squarespace that means a data migration to a new platform, i.e. Squarespace 8, sometime soon?

Anthony answered: Any major revisions we’re planning will be built on the current system, which was designed to be far more extensible and flexible than the Squarespace 5 platform ever was. You should not expect to have to do a V5->V6 data migration with anything on our current roadmap. 

What have we learnt from this?

We have learnt that Squarespace 7 will be sticking around for a while now, it was built with feature improvements in mind and there are a lot of exciting things in the pipe line for it. 

What an insightful peak into the heart of Squarespace, it is definitely worth a read, if you are a Circle member check out all of the questions over on the forum.  We're excited to hear about some of the plans and we are excited to follow the progress in 2017.