5 Squarespace Instagrams To Follow

Instagram is growing in popularity every day and rapidly becoming the biggest social platform for web designers. Launched in October 2010, this photo sharing app has provided a way for designers from all over the world to connect. By tagging your photos with relevant hashtags you can find with people in the same field as you or with similar interests. It's a top resource for many businesses, including lifestyle coaches and bloggers. 

Squarespace is a big user and currently sits at 58.8k followers. We have decided to look at different Squarespace website developers and designers' Instagram profiles. Here's five of our favourites:

Prepare to be blown away. Exhibea is a Los Angeles based Squarespace web design company with an Instagram following of almost 2,000. They have a beautiful gallery full of colourful and innovative artwork. It has a consistent theme of bold patterns and sharp images which will have you returning for more. 

Cardigan Studio is a Squarespace design company based in Wales, UK and created by Angharad. Their Instagram is a visual delight of pinks and reds. Feminine and fun, it draws you in with the odd photo of a cute sausage dog. This account knows who they are and have created a defined style with their posts. Love it!

Golivehq has an Instagram full of inspiring quotes and pastel colours. This company provides Squarespace themes and engages you with their positive keep going attitude and it's working with their impressive 14.3k following. They also have the odd picture of their adorable office Cockapoo dog. I'm starting to see a pattern... 

Eva Goicohea is a previous favourite for us here at SquareStudio having featured in one of our blog interviews in October. We are big fans of her work and now her Instagram with a massive following of 81.8k. This NY based web developer has created a gallery of Slumber and Aden filtered images that highlight a very pleasing New York life. 

One of our very own clients, Confessions Of A Binge Eater have built a yummy Instagram with inventive foodie creations. Scrolling through this has brought on a hunger that even my morning biscuits can't fix. With inspiring quotes to boot, it's a great account to follow. 

So there you go our top five Squarespace User Instagrams. Check them out and give them a follow! Also don't forget take a look at our page as well. Happy snapping!