4 Powerful Squarespace Websites

As members of the Squarespace Circle community we are privileged to have access to the various forums that take place on the site. One discussion that we love checking out invites members to put their favourite Squarespace website along with the template it was built on. The thread has lots of great entries and we couldn't help trawl through the lot for inspiration.

Here's four that particularly caught our eye...

Wyrd Games

Squarespace Website | Wyrd Games | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

The navigation of the website is really clean and fresh, it utilises colour contrasts well. The animations are smooth and consistent throughout the site. The entire site has a very premium feel, it have very high resolution images without overloading the site. It also manages to put a lot of text on display without making the site feel crammed and clustered.

Squarespace Website | Vabel London | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

Vabel, a London based property development company, have a Squarespace website packed full with custom features and designs. With a special mention to MAGiK ARtS, Squarespace specialists that designed the website with the help of our custom code team!

Squarespace Website | Hayes & Connor | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

This musical duo from Chicago impressed us with their audio-based Squarespace website. As well as having a stunning custom audio player, the site also contains individual story pages for each of the 27 tracks from their latest album, Talking To Myself.

Squarespace Website | The Muse Agency | SquareStudio Plugins & Development

There's lots to love about The Muse Agency's website. Among our favourite touches are the video background (complete with controls) and the pop-out footer. You can also navigate through the website by hovering on the left hand side of each page to activate the responsive yellow arrow. Nice!

Do you have a Squarespace website that you're particularly proud of? We encourage you to submit it to SquareStudio Awards!