The Best New Squarespace Features of 2016

One of the key things that sets Squarespace apart from other web building platforms is the rapid rate at which the platform evolves. Through a mixture of customer feedback, clever collaborations, and advances in tech, the company are regularly releasing new features always with the user in mind. In this blog we take a look at some of the awesome tools that Squarespace have released so far this year.

The Circle

squarespace circle community squarestudio

One of the biggest developments that Squarespace have focused their efforts on this year has been the introduction of The Circle - a community of experts with three or more active websites on the platform. The forum is the perfect place to exchange ideas and submit projects to gain valuable insights from the best in the business. With community meet-ups already taking place we can't wait to see how The Circle evolves over the coming months. 

Starter Layouts

New to Squarespace? Don't fear. With Starter Layouts building your own website is easier than ever. With this new toll you can choose from one of the professionally designed layouts when creating a custom page, making the process quicker and easier for beginners. They look great on all Squarespace templates, too.

squarespace accelerated mobile pages amp  squarestudio

With more and more people browsing on the move it is becoming increasingly important to optimise your website for mobile. Now Squarespace have teamed up with Google to integrate their open source Accelerated Mobile Pages project to speed up the loading time of your blog content on mobile devices. Once enabled, AMP pages will use 10% of the data of your average site and will load up to four times faster. 

Local Development Server

The introduction of the Squarespace Local Development Server is a game-changer for web developers - including ourselves! Now you can locally preview changes made to the template code rather than testing changes on a live website and potentially running into problems. This also allows multiple editors to work together and simultaneously collaborate on a Squarespace website.

squarespace apple news integration squarestudio

This new feature is aimed at all of the fabulous bloggers out there. With Apple News Integration you can now publish your content directly from your Squarespace blog, allowing you to share your content with millions of readers around the globe. This includes images & galleries, videos, text, and more. To get started, simply sign up for News Publisher and obtain the relevant apple news api credentials.