What to consider when going freelance

It's the start of a new chapter in your life, you've got a business idea and you see a gap in the market for it so you've decided to become a freelancer. A scary thought but, the web is full of blogs and lists giving you tips on how to get started. 

It is becoming ever more popular to take your career into your own hands and go solo. Something that Square Studio's director Josh Stott did just over a year ago when he created his own start-up business by building bespoke Squarespace websites for companies.  

Here are some tips on making the most of your freelance journey:

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A key part of becoming a successful freelancer is creating your online social presence. It's not an easy thing to get people to like your page, convincing strangers that your business is worth that extra click. 

The key is to make your content visually engaging. Grabbing your audiences eye, so they don't just simply scroll by. Here at Square Studio we engage with our social followers to help spread the word about what we do. 

Another pointer that seems to be popular online, is 'Asking For Referrals'. We have designed a beautiful website for a client and they are very pleased with our work, so we ask them if they can refer us on to their contacts. In the digital age still nothing beats word of mouth!

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Building ideas together and creating greatness. This is why collaborating is so important when you are a freelancer. Get out there and meet people within the same field. Becoming part of 'The Circle' is a great way to network with other specialist Squarespace designers and share tips with fellow members.